Saturday, June 21, 2014

Indie Impressions - Stranded


Now Available on Steam

from Peter Moorhead

 While some will say it isn't really a 'game' by definition, the fact remains that Stranded is an amazing and uniquely otherworldly audio/visual experience that is extremely pleasing to the eyes and ears. The setting is incredibly mysterious, and you're thrown into an unknown world with little to no explanations. As you leave your marooned ship you'll slowly discover the secrets of your surrounding, and watch them change as the days and nights pass by. This feels more akin to an art project than a video game, and I love it.

My exploration of this alien world leads me to a strange cave.

The game itself is willfully slow paced, which feels necessary for the story being told and the tense atmosphere being created as you travel further away from your base. This deliberate pacing only serves the creeping feeling of lostness and wonder, allowing you to take in your surroundings and focus on the sound of every breath you take.

A curious stone entity examines my wreckage after sundown.
The soundtrack is a masterpiece and serves as much more than your standard background music as it evolves with every action you take, building up and changing as you visit different temples or advance between night and day. The dynamic soundtrack reminded me of Proteus, and is my favorite aspect of these games.

In the end Stranded is a short but sweet experience that certain people looking for a "gaming" session may be disappointed with, but those of you with a serious appreciation for lovingly detailed art, sound design, and storytelling will find a very memorable experience that is more than your money's worth.

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