Friday, June 20, 2014

Indie Impressions, the beginning - Rage Runner

 Rage Runner

Now Available on Steam 

from Hypercane Studios

Rage Runner was originally released as an OUYA game but has recently been released for PC and Mac on Steam with loads of new content, I decided to take a look at the new version and was pleasantly surprised with the game.

Rage Runner takes the ever addictive "one more try" genre of obstacle dodging games made popular by previous titles such as Race the Sun or T.E.C 3001 and gives it more direction by ditching the abstract themes in favor of a more concrete sci-fi setting. In a way, the trench-running pillar-dodging style here is extremely reminiscent of the Death Star section of the '83 Atari Star Wars arcade game.


You'll find all the usual factors of a great dodge'emup here including very simple and easy to get into gameplay and controls that are exceedingly hard to master, and meticulously designed levels that are meant to push you to the edge and keep you retrying on that one seemingly impossible bit.

What's different here are a number of advanced moves you can use to alter your ship in a number of ways such as rolling sideways to make it through tight fits or slowing down to let traps move out of your way. These add way deeper mechanics than seen in any other game like this, and need to be mastered in order to perfect levels. Merely running through the later levels will not be an easy task, as you'll have to employ every one of these maneuvers in order to make it without crashing. Even moreso if you want a comfortable spot on the leaderboards.


This is very well-made, looks and sounds great (seriously, the music is really cool) and includes all of the bells and whistles you would want for a Steam release including achievements, leaderboards, trading cards, and the very active developers are even considering Workshop support with a level editor which would add even more depth and replayability to this already fun as hell title. At $5, this is pretty much a must for any arcade gaming fan's library

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