Friday, June 20, 2014

Indie Impressions - Probability 0

Probability 0

Now Available on Steam

from Droqen

 The simple action of a platformer with a touch of roguelike complexity. From the mind behind Starseed Pilgrim, Probability 0 takes the straight-forward yet challenging run n' jump gameplay of platformers like VVVVVV and stirs the formula up by applying the dynamically randomized levels, skills, and enemies of the roguelite genre for an end result that is infinitely replayable and impossible to master.
The deeper you go the creepier (and harder) the enemies become.
 The challenge in P0 is refreshing, while a lot of your runs will quickly end in your swift and humiliating failure the few runs you do make it far on will feel that much more rewarding and satisfying. There are loads of power-ups to play around with all located on a large and expansive skill tree that you are able to upgrade between each level you manage to surpass. Every choice will have a huge impact on how you play and every player will find their own unique path of skills on the tree to succeed by.

An extensive list at only some of the crucial upgrades you'll be using.
The game has a simple but abstract and almost horror look with a great atmosphere. There's a large variety of creepy creature designs, dark and moody colors, and a rapidly changing Probability message scrawled at the top of your screen to remind you of your impending doom. The soundtrack alines perfectly and feels dark and ominous for something so 8-bit and catchy, fitting with the mood of the game just right.
Expert mode changes up the scoring system significantly, judging you based on distance traveled as opposed to monsters killed.
Now on Steam at less than ten dollars, Probability 0 is an easy buy for all fans of platforming and random roguelike elements and will be remembered by me along with the most famous of indie titles from this era.

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