Sunday, June 29, 2014

Indie Preview - The 7 Towers

The 7 Towers

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from Mrawolf

 A lot games have been making the rounds lately on IndieDB but one has caught my attention like no other, and if you're a fan of classic gaming the warm and familiar style of this ongoing project will appeal to you in the same way.

The 7 Towers is an upcoming action arcade slash 'em up with a very gritty and dark medieval atmosphere in the same vein as some of my arcade favorites including Rastan and Ghouls 'n Ghosts (even more-so it's SNES spin-off, Demon's Crest). What sets this apart from those classics is the intensely beautiful art direction utilizing some very moody lighting as well as vibrantly rich colors which create an immensely grim yet engrossing setting already shown in screenshots.

Seriously, look at this art. Beautiful.

The 7 Towers creator who goes by Mrawolf states that the game will feature two types of towers out of a total of seven titular towers to hack'n'slash your way through, starting with the standard sidescrolling action levels you would expect from previous arcade classics and ending with towers that will feature more puzzle oriented vertically scrolling levels that will test your wit. With the diverse style of gameplay planned, The 7 Towers is proving to be one of the most unique entries in the genre.

Bathoryn takes the form of a wolf to explore the cruel and grotesque land.

 The metal as hell aesthetics and sidescrolling gothic horror action already have this contending with similar upcoming Castlevania-like titles such as Insanity's Blade or Shadowcrypt for a top spot on my watchlist, and has me salivating for the first taste we'll be able to get of what could be one of the most distinct and unique hack n slash titles around.

The game is  a work in progress and the developer is obviously hard at work, so be sure to watch Indie DB or follow the devlog closely for updates as I'm sure we have way more to look forward to.

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