Thursday, December 29, 2016

Daily Indie - Day Three : Don'Yoku


Now Available on Steam

Developed by  Dark-Spot Studio


Just a quick reminder that you should try Don'Yoku.

Remember when shoot'emups and bullet hells were actually as brutal, 'manly' and badass as their difficulty, and not exclusively about magical shoujos?

Don'Yoku is a rare breed of manly shoot'em up action with a very traditional arcade flavor, the last of its kind in an already struggling genre that seems to be dominated by formulaic Touhou knockoffs.

Seriously though, this has the visual aesthetics of a Toaplan classic like Batsugun, the heavily rockin' soundtrack of a Raizing romp like Battle Garegga (think Dimahoo), and the tight and realized scoring system of a modern cave title a la DoDonPachi. That's a seriously impressive balance to achieve, and if you have any idea what I'm talking about so far you should probably just pick up this game right now.

Don'yoku; the last of the 'manly' shooters! 


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