Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Daily Indie - Day Two: Trigonarium


Now Available on Steam

Developed by Kimmo Lahtinen


Slick and responsive twin-stick shooter with a bright, colorful, and psychedelic visual style and a very intuitive and addictive dashing mechanic. Each dash ends with a powerful burst obliterating any nearby baddies with an extremely satisfying explosion, and is crucial in the most chaotic of moments.

The sound design kept my ears perked at all times just as any authentic arcade experience should, with distinct bleeps of power ups being collected and the tinkling of small crystalline enemies spawning from their red-glowing silhouette. Trigonarium is a twin-stick that just bleeds with awesome and nostalgic atmosphere.

The gameplay starts off slowly in usual twin-stick fashion with smaller enemies casually lurching around you from each corner, but as time goes on and score conditions are met the frequency and intensity of waves increases into a seriously chaotic clusterfuck of colorfully calculated craziness. The arenas begin to transform and screen-filling bosses show up to occasionally greet you. Things get tense to the point where you're counting down every second until your next Dash move is charged to plow your way forcefully to that crucial power-up that just spawned across the map.

Trigonarium is an incredibly charming and inventive, extremely fun to play twin-stick and is criminally underpriced given the amount of fun I've squeezed out of it.

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