Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Indie Impressions - Induction


Now Available on Steam

Developed by Bryan Gale  


Induction is a serious mind-bender of a time-altering puzzle game. The brainchild of a single developer, I couldn't even begin to wrap my head around how to solve some of these later time-bending conundrums let alone how one person could dream up such an inventive and complex series of logic puzzles. It's a minimalist affair with a relaxing series of warm, neon colors enveloping abstract cubic structures of progressively twisting and complex architecture. Don't let it's attractive and simplistic coating fool you though, Induction is logic solving for only the most sharp-minded of puzzle game players.

The player starts off on their winding path of individual puzzles as a single cube. A small glowing white cube is visible in the distance, and the goal is simply to reach it and step into its light. Of course, all manner of tricks, traps and obstacles will block the path to this objective. The trick, as you soon learn is careful manipulation of a self-placed clone as it mimics every one of its creator's last movements. Solving solutions requires utilizing this with careful consideration to co-operate with your past self in operating a series of timed switches and movable barrels.

It doesn't take long before the stages evolve into complex M.C. Escher style constructs of intertwining walkways. Your clones begin to hauntingly outsmart you, blocking you off at the pass when least expected. With enough dedication and concentration you'll soon learn to outsmart you clones back, learning to hide behind their starting points or manipulate them into moving pieces of the complex puzzles into place for a satisfying solve.

The visuals feature an abstract, colorful and cubic style with a wonderfully hypnotizing and relaxing ambiance supplied by its soundtrack. As you progress through each vibrant construct the color palettes occasionally change to different welcoming hues. The further you spiral into the rotating selection of levels the more beats and rhythm are added to the meditative soundtrack.

Every action has a reaction, and every impossible situation solvable with only a little bit of exploration and trial-and-error. No matter how hard each progressively complex situation became I was always able to work it out through careful deliberation with my cloned reflection. Despite my general adversity and ineptitude towards puzzle games, especially of this difficulty, Induction had the perfect balance of experimentation and discovery that keeps me curiously coming back to the genre for more punishment.

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