Thursday, January 26, 2017

Indie Impressions - imprint-X


Now Available on Steam

Developed by Morgondag 

In a cold and oppressive futuristic world ruled by material and technology. Intellectuality, individualism, and expression are outlawed in favor of physical gain, and strange mechanical overlords exert control over the minds of humans who dare to think on their own terms. From the two-person development team behind RymdResa, Morgondag have perfected their beautiful simplicity into a fine art;

imprint-X is a puzzle game with an incredibly unique premise.  Like the traditional metal puzzles of Japan, mechanical simplicity is utilized to create a formula of exploration with endless possibilities. Various mechanically sealed cubes must be activated through a series of cryptic buttons and eventually with well placed timing. Through a bit of hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, and sometimes sheer trial-and-error it's up to the player to discover the trick to activating and opening each progressively intricate contraption.

Opening these mysterious and alien cubes is an act of peculiar curiosity. Seeing button shapes, lights, and indentations that beckon your touch but give no indication of their purpose. Not until that curiosity takes over, and every possibility poked and prodded at that things become clear, and in turn very satisfying to execute.

As this sense of personal exploration goes on the boxes slowly unfold with each series of correct presses. With each flap unfolded and each tab extended more and more strange and unexplained contraptions appear, and fold back into themselves as the final correct combinations are attempted for a satisfying completion.

The surreal and celestial setting around you pulses with cosmic color and sound. The ambient soundtrack builds in complexity alongside the puzzle-boxes you unravel, and the inter-galactic light show dances in tandem with the beat. Hard puzzles that soon require precise timing are now even more pulse-driving and difficult to focus on as this chaotic ballet of sound and visuals assault  your senses.

imprint-X is one head trip of a game. It's more of an experience than a game, I suppose, like some kind of cosmic Christmas morning gift unwrapping ceremony with freaky extra-terrestrial relatives. Each box is stranger and more perplexing than the last, and each beckoning button more satisfying to push with each success. Superbly trippy, ultra addictive, and a serious pleasure to look at and listen to.

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