Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Indie Impression - Momodora III

Momodora III

Now Available on Steam

from rdein

Momodora III is the charming new installment in rdein's fast and fun series of action-platformers centered around the two priestesses of the game's namesake and takes a slight departure from the exploration-encouraged Momodora II for a more straight-forward and accessible action adventure. While some may be disheartened with the change I was more than happy with the almost arcade-like progression making it an incredibly addictive and easy to pick up game that still retains all of the depth and flair of it's predecessors.

Momodora III features some of the quickest action around.

There are still plenty of secrets strewn about the various levels for you to explore for and you'll have more than enough game-changing equipment to find for your journey, the platforming is precise thanks to simple controls, and the combat is lightning quick with a choice of split-second slashes or charged bullets for more strategic situations. The game can be very challenging, especially with the harder choice of sisters, since the enemy placements are very well thought-out and require some fast-thinking to deal with unharmed and the bosses will require lots of fast reflexes and coordination with their almost Megaman-like patterns.

There's lots of amazing lore to discover in this colorful world.

Fans of future-classic indie favorites such as Cave Story, or Noitu Love will be instantly attracted to the visuals as there is a lot to adore here from the cute and offbeat cast of characters to the lovingly crafted backgrounds all with a touch of that nostalgic old school flair. The soundtrack carries the same retro appeal with it's soothing melodies that change and intensify with each new area, all-in-all creating a package that any fan of old school indie platformers should not be able to resist.

The game is a short but sweet experience with lots of amazing creature designs and lore to learn.  Replayability here is extremely high and with it's secrets to find, multiple characters of varying difficulty, and diverse approaches to each boss the game clocks in at around an hour per play which in my opinion is just right as each level and setting changes often enough to stay engaging and not overstay it's welcome making Momodora III an easily recommendable experience at it's affordable $4.99 pricetag.

Don't forget, you can also check out the first two classics for free HERE

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